I strive to use my talents as a mime and storyteller to illustrate lessons from different aspects of life. Using the versatile yet simple nature of these art forms, I bring the audience and workshop participants to activate their imagination through rich symbolism and imagery.

Mime and storytelling have suffered greatly in the past century with the onslaught of the TV, movies and other passive technological ways of gaining information. I feel that people in general have grown less able to access their creativity because everything is done for them. Many people go to the theater and are accustomed to seeing complex Broadway scale productions, filled with glitter and expensive sets and costumes. They expect everything to be given to them. One of the things I most appreciate about mime and storytelling is the lack of excess. It is the fact that the performer and audience are working together, thinking and creating beyond that which is shown. The performance begins by the eloquent suggestion of the performer, and is completed in the mind of the observer.

When teaching a workshop or residency I bring a hands-on experience with these art forms. The participants are exposed to the magic of using their own bodies to create characters and objects. They express their ideas and discover the essence of a plant or animal by using the body. They learn that being different is valuable and that they can create wonderful things with their minds. Most importantly, I enable people to embrace their specialness, interact joyfully, and gain knowledge through play.