…..“Rocha not only plays his characters, he seems to be possessed by them”…
-Lisa Gauthier- Nuvo, Indianapolis.
“Antonio Rocha's stories challenge the imagination in an exciting new way. His storytelling was energetic, educational and entertaining!"
- Kim Peter Kovac, Senior Program Director,  Kennedy Center Youth and Family Programs.

 "Touching, clean and delightful!"
Donna Gianell, Dance Pages Magazine

“His face is as flexible as his limbs and his control of his eyes is startling."
Jane Lamb, Portland Press Herald.

"His meticulous preparation, warm stage presence and
tremendous talent blend to lend his performance an aura of magic."
Richard Willing. Educational Programming Director of L/A Arts
"Antonio Rocha had the crowd absolutely spellbound"
Jona McKee - Washington's 1st int'l Storytelling Festival - Washington, DC.
"Antonio Rocha's performances here, at Beauvoir School, was an enormous success. The teachers were struck by the professional level of quality that is so evident in his work. Mr. Rocha's craftsmanship and the message of his stories is wonderfully uncluttered. The students were captivated by how real he makes the imaginary seem. All day, throughout the school, I noticed that the children were imitating some aspect of his performances, especially bits of mime."
Tina Parker, Librarian -Beauvoir School- Washington DC.

"As principal, I have had the delight to work with Antonio Rocha on two separate occasions. The first time was when he was an artist in residence at Great Falls Intermediate School. We thought so much of him that we hired him to come in and perform at a special community night when we started a new school, Walton Elementary. Antonio was an absolute delight to work with on both occasions."
Joe Tutlis, Principal of Walton Elementary School Lewiston, ME

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