“Antonio Rocha is a warm, compassionate channeler of important stories who can touch any audience. His stories are meaningful and resonant. He is tender and fierce. He uses every tool at his disposal — his face, his voice, his body — in service of the tale to be told. Most importantly, to me, is his acute awareness of the audience with whom he is working. His stories shift and change to meet them halfway, whoever they are, whatever age they are, whatever mood they bring in the door. He is a master.”
Mark Lutwak, director of education,
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

Antonio Rocha’s performance exceeded all expectations, delighting the smallest child to the very oldest adult. The audience at the Bakersfield Museum of Art was not an audience that was familiar with storytelling but by the end of the performance, virtually all were fans of the entertainment style. Antonio was captivating as well as educational, humorous and tender, serious and hilarious. We could not have been more pleased with the performance and we highly recommend Antonio for a story telling experience. He is also exceptionally easy to work with and was extremely professional.”
Beth Brookhart Pandol,
Director of Marketing – Bakersfield Museum of Art.

“Given the importance of storytelling in our kind of work, I was looking out for someone who could help us learn the craft and the magic of telling powerful stories. I had the privilege of seeing some of Antonio’s performances and approached him sometime last year [2016] since he was arguably amongst the best going around. What struck me as the most valuable part of the coaching sessions that I had with him was his ability to help me learn the basics in a simple and yet deeply effective way. His command over the craft and his ability to transfer it to me was truly remarkable. What made his session easy to absorb was his ability to keep it light and fun, while yet putting me through the rigor that was required. Above all a very warm and wonderful human being, who touches you in many ways beyond his craft. I look forward to working with him soon. “
Rajesh Sahadevan, CEO – Centre of Gravity Strategy Consulting

11952057_10153576729319808_4908264834120415097_n“A great thing about Antonio as teacher is that when he coaches individuals, he makes the principles so clear that everyone watching learns from the process.  A whole day with him would be truly inspiring.”
Jo Radner – Folklorist, Storyteller and  Past President, National Storytelling Network-

Antonio Rocha is a stand-out performer. He a genuine person, whose style is graceful, and yet powerful. Watching Antonio perform draws you in deeply with movements akin to water being poured into different shapes invisibly waiting to be filled. These shapes are the characters in his stories, characters who appear and morph before your eyes. It is the best kind of magic, which leaves me breathless, wanting more.
   Simon Brooks – Storyteller, Educator.

…..“Rocha not only plays his characters, he seems to be possessed by them”… 
-Lisa Gauthier- Nuvo, Indianapolis.

“Touching, clean and delightful!”
Donna Gianell, Dance Pages Magazine

“His face is as flexible as his limbs and his control of his eyes is startling.”
Jane Lamb, Portland Press Herald.

“His meticulous preparation, warm stage presence and
tremendous talent blend to lend his performance an aura of magic.”
Richard Willing. Former Educational Programming Director of L/A Arts