Jungle Tales
Take a wild trip into the jungles of Brazil and Africa. Antonio draws from his repertoire of animal tales with an ecological theme and a myriad of fantastic sound effects which will entertain and educate.
Elementary and Middle Schools.
Antonio performs tales from around the world of adventure, wit, respect and wisdom through mask and mime. This culturally diverse show addresses matters of communication, self esteem and respect.
Elementary and Middle Schools.

Out of the Box
Welcome to Antonio Rocha's world of mime, sound effects, zany characters and physical comedy. You will be spellbound by myths, the absurd and the poetic.
Elementary, Middle Schools, High Schools and College.

The Concert
Combining elements of Jungle Tales, Crossroads, and Out of the Box, this performance showcases Antonio’s versatile talents for silent and spoken works. Appropriate for family shows and special events.
Elementary to College.
The Tragedy of Daedalus
A tale of envy, murder, treason, revenge, love and freedom. This is a tour de force performance into the life of Daedalus in exile on the island of Crete. Presented in a unique style of traditional verbal narrative with mime and mask, you will follow Daedalus into exile in Crete, and also learn other myths, including The Minotaur and Icarus.
Middle Schools, High Schools and College.


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